Affordable Living

ESG commitment for people with low income

Sustainable Development Goals

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Respect for Nature and our Environment


Social Responsibility


Responsible Corporate Governance

The Idea

Shaping settlement development in a good way

Rents have risen much faster than real wages in recent years. Housing should be available primarily for the lower two-thirds of the population’s household income. Promoting affordable housing can make settlement development environmentally and socially compatible and prevent committed families and young people from moving away. Municipalities are involved in the project and encouraged to provide affordable building land or to grant building rights for building land.

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More Residential Projects

Social Engagement for the Elderly

Senior citizens often cannot find affordable rental housing on the housing market. Since the need is great, we support social housing for retired people.

The Construction

Systematic Construction

The apartments are built in modular system construction – ecologically exemplary according to the cantonal energy law. High-quality materials ensure good economic efficiency over the entire service life. The objects are built in adaptation to the landscape and surroundings. The serial production of the living space guarantees low construction costs. Economies of scale arise with larger order volumes.

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Image: Example Modular Plot

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Contribution to Social Housing

The Financing

All parties involved can contribute to affordable housing: land owners provide plots at a reasonable price. Financing partners calculate the financing parameters on the basis of cost rents and provide favorable interest conditions for mortgages. The construction management realizes the construction cost-efficiently and in adequate quality with high set standards. Realistic financing is achieved in each case if at least one third of the residential units are sold per property and the other two thirds are rented out at affordable prices.

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