Social values are close to our hearts

Sustainable Development Goals

Responsible goals


Consideration for nature and our environment


Social responsibility


Responsible corporate governance

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Acting environmentally conscious

Environmental, social and governance considerations are taken into account in our actions. We strive to reduce our own CO2 emissions. In this way, we create the conditions for our clients’ success and for sustainable growth in the economies in which we operate – to the benefit of all. That is why we have already carried out project financing for energy trading companies and created a concept for a desalination plant. There are already new projects in the pipeline, which are particularly committed to environmental sustainability. Our goal is to accompany our clients on their way to create a secure future.


We care

We have learned that our success – and the success of our society – goes hand in hand with the success of the people around us. We also see it as our duty to do our part to ensure equality, drive financial inclusion, promote human rights and improve educational opportunities. We also encourage charitable and personal involvement that contributes to sustainable growth. We have a manageable team. It is particularly important to us to be able to respond to each individual. This includes creating an open place in the workplace and actively seeking conversation.

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Supervisory structures


Trust is hard to gain, but easy to lose. It is the foundation of the financial system. Our clients trust us with their finances, and we in turn trust our clients and other counterparties to honor their agreements with us. For their part, regulators expect all players to act honestly and openly. Most of our clients are long-standing business partners. By working together in this way, we can ensure that processes run optimally and are constantly improved. Since we work together in the same team for a long time, there is trust and competencies can be exploited to the full. Our funds are subject to the authorities and are strictly regulated. This way we can guarantee the control processes.

Sustainable sense of responsibility

Across the supply chain

As we work with companies, we focus on ESG in our day-to-day business – and in our work with our partners. In doing so, we make a point of ensuring that they perform successfully in terms of their social, environmental responsibility across the supply chain according to ESG criteria. ESG criteria, unlike the SDGs, are oriented toward long-term solutions. Many of our funds and projects are designed to last several years. The successes we achieve with the ESG criteria can in turn be integrated into the SDGs. This is how the circle closes. Below, we introduce you to the term ESG and explain what we are doing to meet these guidelines.