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28. July 2023

Carbon Farming – Gold Standard listed

Groundbreaking Carbon Farming Project

We are pleased to announce that our project “Carbon Farming” is officially listed on the “Gold Standard” website. This project binds CO2 by increasing the humus layer in agricultural soils. Based on this CO2 sequestration, we are qualified to issue CO2 certificates.

29. April 2023

Progress with hydrogen

Our project: Hydrogen production

Green energy from hydropower, solar and wind is used to produce hydrogen with electrolysers.
This hydrogen can be used for many applications such as mobility, industry and for the production of synthetic fuels.

12. April 2023

Carbon Farming

Our project: humusCO2mp

Don’t miss our presentation with Steffen Aumüller and Antje Schwemberger at the European Parliament with the topic:

Cash for Carbon – How to boost impact initiatives.