Housing for the Elderly

ESG Commitment for the Elderly

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Affordable Housing

Modular Construction

The residential units are created with modular systems, so that several floors can be built depending on the residential zone. Finomics develops the modules with specialized network partners. The modular system makes it possible to cover different needs. High-quality materials are used for construction, which ensures cost-effectiveness throughout the life cycle. In addition, adaptation to the landscape and environment is made. Serial production guarantees low construction costs, and an economy of scale is achieved for larger order volumes.

ESG Residential Projects

Projects for Seniors

Senior residents are often unable to find affordable rental housing on the housing market. Since the need is great, we support social housing for retired people.

The Properties

Central Living

The plots of land for senior citizens are each acquired in residential zones. This ensures that retired people live centrally in defined catchment areas. An important concern of the project is that no uprooting of people takes place. In addition, the communities can be involved in this project to facilitate implementation.

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Illustration: Example plot

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